The Charlie Cooper Mystery Series

Charlie Cooper Profile:

-Underpaid precinct secretary at the Boston Police
-Grew up in Springston, 90 miles from Boston – but still not far enough
-Weekend plans: toffee caramel ice cream, crime shows and the Laundromat
-No friends, no pets, no hobbies
-Special gifts: tripping over her own feet
-Finding Mr. Right: negative
-Healthy diet: cookies and all things sweet

At age twenty-nine, Charlie Cooper’s life is not exactly a hit. Working as a precinct secretary at the Boston Police answering phones, making appointments and writing up crime reports means she might not be on the fast track to her ultimate dream job.

And her living situation? She is the proud inhabitant of the most minuscule “master suite” she can afford to pay, where she can brush her teeth, get her clothes out of the dresser drawer and turn on the hallway light without getting out of bed.

But when a job opportunity arises, she’s ready to take the bull by the horns and prove she is more than just a fast typist. Sure, she has to bite the bullet by returning to her hometown and living with her wacky family, but this is only the cover for her real assignment: finding clues involving a real big drug case.

What starts out to be just harmless snooping turns into a pile of dead bodies, slashed tires and threatening notes. But Charlie is determined to solve the case and catch the killer before he catches her.

Throw in two fearless waitresses and a hot fry cook who is not what he seems and you’ve got the perfect mix of a fast-paced and exciting mystery.

Jammed - A Charlie Cooper Mystery, Volume 1

Pickled - A Charlie Cooper Mystery, Volume 2

Charlie Cooper Profile:

-Underpaid undercover detective in her hometown, Springston
-Living with her parents at the age of twenty-nine
-Weekend plans: desperately looking for an apartment
-2 new friends, still no pets, still no hobbies
-Special gifts: hmm…
-Finding Mr. Right: still negative
-Healthy diet: more cookies and more things sweet

Charlie Cooper begins a new life in her hometown, Springston. Granted, it’s not as glamorous as she thought it will be. Living with her parents and her brother again means waking up at 6 a.m. with the sound of rock music and putting up with her brother’s annoying video games.

Still, she’s confident that a new apartment will bring her the peace and quiet that she needs. Only problem: lack of funds.
But that should change soon! Together with her new companions, Marge and Celeste, she sets out to be the best undercover investigator the town has ever seen. When their first case comes rolling in, the girls have to bring an escaped red panda back to the zoo. It’s not exactly the dazzling detective work that Charlie had hoped for, but she’s determined to wrap up this case promptly.

Things go south, when the girls not only find the panda, but also something else. Let’s just say it’s a body part that should definitely be attached to a person.
The girls launch themselves into solving the missing body part mystery but what they get is more than they’ve bargained for. To top things off, Springston’s most handsome detective is constantly on their tail.

Join Charlie, Marge and Celeste in this fast-paced, humorous and exciting mystery!

Diced - A Charlie Cooper Mystery, Volume 3

Charlie Cooper Profile:

-(Still) underpaid undercover detective in her hometown, Springston
-Returning to her parents' house at the age of twenty-nine...the sequel
-Weekend plans: cocktail classes with her mom at the community college
-2 best friends, still no pets, still no hobbies
-Special gifts: does almost burning your eyebrows off count?
-Finding Mr. Right: getting closer
-Healthy diet: why bother?

Charlie's new life in her hometown, Springston, is surely like a rollercoaster ride. You know, when you want to jump for joy, close your eyes, scream from the top of your lungs, throw up and pass out...all at the same time. Anything else would be just plain boring.
Together with Marge and Celeste, her business partners and new best friends, Charlie sets out to fight crime in Springston by being an undercover detective. But that sounds easier than it actually is.
Her new case involves surveillance of a husband who is presumably unfaithful to his wife. Pretty simple, right?
When a dead body appears, and said husband disappears, things might just get out of hand.
Between finding the missing spouse, going to cocktail class with her mom, saving a disastrous dinner involving the hottest cop in town and fixing a laptop she has no clue about, it's time for Charlie to step up before it's not too late.

Glazed - A Charlie Cooper Mystery, Volume 4

Charlie Cooper Profile:

-(Still) underpaid undercover detective in her hometown, Springston
-Still living at her parent’s house…with the prospect of a new apartment
-Weekend plans: trying to escape her mom’s jackfruit-tofu-eggplant diet
-2 best friends, who needs pets? who needs hobbies?
-Special gifts: burning her eyebrows off completely this time
-Finding Mr. Right: maybe there is still hope
-Healthy diet: welcome to the Cooper’s starvation center

Charlie’s life in her hometown, Springston, is not by far as dull as she expected it to be. Stumbling over dead bodies, being held at gunpoint or getting kidnapped in the back of a van would actually qualify as a pretty exciting life. If you like to live on the edge.
Still, Charlie hopes her next case would not include dead people, guns or exploding cars. Well…one could at least hope.
When Celeste’s nephew, Lucas, is suspected of attempted bank robbery and CMC Services – a.k.a. Charlie and her best friends, Marge and Celeste – is called in to help, the girls launch into crime-fighting mode yet again. Apparently, Lucas could be a key witness in what seems to be the new crime wave in Springston.
Charlie soon finds herself trying to solve another murder, causing a small explosion involving one particular item in Marge’s black hole of a purse, dodging the advances of Celeste’s cousin, Eddy, and trying to get on board with her mom’s new healthy diet. All the while with Alex, Springston’s hot detective, right on her heels.
Running low on caffeine and running out of time, Charlie has to step up her game and out-step a killer.